About Us

The proposed project aims to address concerning issues related to Vocational Skill Development and Job placement for Youth, the ‘Devrit India Private Limited’ identified, prioritized and planned in collaboration with a different service provider. The ‘Devrit India Private Limited’ has a well-defined and operational structures wherein community development issues are tackled and action- oriented solutions are done.

In the given environ of our surrounding, (50,000 households) the over emphasis on economic productivity isolates and under privileged as a non-productive group and hence acutely marginalizes them. In addition to lack of opportunity in the fast- moving world is also a big challenged for this section. “Devrit India Private Limited” has realized this and has pointed out this as a key concern that they would and are addressing out of their own contributions for the some years. At present the program needs strengthening inputs and scaling up in a more strategic manner to be effective.

Key Management Team


Mr. Dupendra Bisen is a highly motivated businessman since 21 years who experience a life through challenging himself to reach his potential. He combines a quality education, a passion for creation and people with his business savvy personality, to make a combination that can add great value to any organization.


Mr. Kailash Bisen Is a Highly dedicated entrepreneur since 15 year. He serves a great lesson on the sacrifices you’ll need to make when you have ambitious, almost impossible plans, and nobody believes in you.